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Corporate Law Advisory

Corporate law deals with the game plan and activities of associations and is related to business and contract law.

We at Conclude Business Solutions Pvt Ltd work in various Corporate Law admonitory, consistence related and Due Diligence Services:

  • Solidification of Private, Public, Section 8 Company (Companies with Charitable Objects) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).
  • Tracking and help for availability of Secretarial and Statutory/Non-statutory records including Statutory Registers.
  • Preparation and Alteration Of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles Of Association (AOA).
  • Issuing Compliance Certificate for Public, Private and Listed Companies.
  • Getting Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for boss and specialists.
  • Method for Issue of Preferential Shares/Private Placement.
  • Holding distinctive get-togethers including Board, General/Annual General, Class Meetings, Committee Meetings.
  • Change of Private into Public Company and Vice versa and Conversion of LLP into Company and Vice versa.
  • Procedures for Increase, mix, subdivision and decline of Share Capital.
  • System for passing goals by postal count and giving scrutinizers’ report.
  • Systems for Appointment/renunciation/removal of Auditors.
  • Systems for Alteration of name, Capital Clause and Object Clause of Memorandum of Association of a Company.
  • Contact with the work environments of Registrar of Companies (ROC), Regional Director (RD), National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), SEBI, Stock Exchanges for getting diverse regulatory supports and stamp commitment intercession matters.
  • Help with consistence with courses of action of posting assention entered with Stock Exchanges.
  • Help with consistence with various Guidelines, Rules and Regulations issued by SEBI.
  • Game plan, affirmation and filling of various e-outlines on MCA Portal including Filing of Annual Return and Financial Statements.
  • Mergers and Amalgamation, De-merger and Corporate financial remaking.
  • Application to various experts like Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India( IRDAI) , Reserve Bank of India for procuring licenses.
  • Periodical consultative organizations and also retainer transport for Private Company/LLP/Closely held Company/Listed Company/Joint Venture Company/Section 8 Company for Company law related issues.
  • Enlistment of business substances under Central/State/Local Authorities.
  • Posting of Shares and IPO/SME IPO’s.
  • Framework for surrender/surrender/lien of offers.
  • Reconstitution of Board of Directors and warning gatherings thereof.
  • Issue of offer verifications including duplicate, part, association, et cetera.
  • Introduction and portion of benefit.
  • Offering credits to officials, their relatives and other body corporates and such contracts or plans in which boss are charmed.
  • Portion of pay to Directors, their relatives and individuals holding office or place of advantage.
  • Status of notice, inspiration, minutes and goals for Board Meetings, Committees thereof, AGM, EGM, Statutory Meetings and reports thereof.
  • Assignment of offers and recording of fundamental structures in respect of the same.
  • Stamp commitment on issue of offer supports.
  • Consistence of Public stores.
  • Buy back of securities.
  • Postal ticket.
  • Corporate Governance and Appointment of Independent Directors.
  • Trade of advantages for money related authority preparing and protection bolster.
  • Abuse and screw up.
  • Generation of charge over assets of association.
  • Issue of Convertible Redeemable Preference Share, Debentures, Bonds, et cetera.
  • SEBI and Stock Exchange related issues including Listing/Delisting of securities.
  • FIPB and also RBI related supports, admonitory and related issues.
  • NCLT/Highcourt Corporate law matters
  • Drafting of various genuine assentions.
  • Real Due Diligence in Corporate Restructuring Matters.